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Peyton Manning Reportedly Turns Down Broadcasting Options With Fox, ESPN

It's been speculated since his retirement that Manning could eventually join a broadcast booth. Now, it's looking like the former Colt won't be coming to your TV anytime soon.

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"After fielding offers from both ESPN and Fox that reportedly would have made him one of the best paid analysts in sports media, Peyton Manning has decided to join… neither network.

According to the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, Manning has turned down a chance to be the game analyst on Fox’s new Thursday Night Football package. Marchand reported earlier this month that Manning had also rejected ESPN’s offerto make him the analyst on its Monday Night Football series.

Now that it’s over, the frenzied competition for Manning’s broadcasting services seems to have been a massive waste of time and energy for all involved. Over the past six weeks or so, both ESPN and Fox have made known their interest in Manning, reportedly offering him $10 million a year. But over that entire time, as we (and plenty of others) speculated on where Manning would best fit, there was one problem: the former quarterback never actually expressed much interest, at least publicly, in becoming a broadcaster.

From what has been reported, it seems that Manning hopes to one day become an owner and/or executive and didn’t see much reason for a detour in broadcasting. The guy can sing Nationwide jingles and munch on Papa John’s pizza all day long, but apparently talking about football live was of no interest.

Now that Manning is no longer an option, ESPN and Fox can focus elsewhere in filling their vacancies. Per Marchand, Fox lacked an obvious Plan B but has already auditioned Joe Thomas, Jason Witten, and Carson Palmer and plans to consider Greg Olsen and NFL Network’s Kurt Warner as well. Having just picked up Thursday Night Football in January, the network also needs a play-by-play voice for the package and reportedly has interest in borrowing NBC’s Mike Tirico from NBC for that role.

For a while, it seemed that ESPN and especially Fox were waiting on Manning before filling out their respective booths. With Manning off the board, they can move forward with their decisions and we can return to writing about people other than No. 18."


Never wanted those rumors to be true. Look, Peyton is a one-of-a-kind personality without a doubt. But he is too big of a name, too big of a brand, too big of an icon to sit up in the booth and be compared to Tony Romo. 

The Mannings are American football royalty; the Kennedy's of the NFL (thankfully not including the tragedies, unless you want to consider Peyton having to retire in a different city than Indianapolis one.) Royalty doesn't throw themselves into such a common man's job. People like Peyton Manning own teams, not talk about them. 


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