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Ed Hochuli Retires From Officiating

Longtime NFL ref Ed Hochuli announced on Tuesday he's hanging up the whistle.

Patrick McDermott | Getty Images


"NFL teams aren’t the only ones going through personnel change this offseason, and replacing veterans with young talent.

The league office is doing the same, with its most high-profile referee walking away as his son walks in.

NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron just tweeted out word that longtime refs Ed Hochuli and Jeff Triplette were retiring, and were being replaced in the rotation by former back judge Shawn Hochuli and side judge Alex Kemp.

The 67-year-old Hochuli, best known for his tight shirts, big arms and verbose explanations of rulings on nationally televised games, has been with the league since 1990. He’s been the league’s longest-tenured ref since 2007.

Triplette has been with the league since 1996, and hasn’t been as decorated as Hochuli. Regrettably, he’s probably best known as the official who threw the flag which injured former Ravens tackle Orlando Brown, as the flag accidentally hit Brown in the eye."

It's an end of an era, folks. At least now you know you'll get to bed 10 minutes earlier on Sunday nights now that Hochuli won't be explaining an instant replay review. 

Ed Hochuli was the epitome of the official who has been around for a while, gets a tad of an ego, so then he wants to become a part of the game/broadcast itself rather than go unnoticed. Just listen to some of these calls. They're so long and winding they make Cris Collinsworth analysis seem like simple addition and subtraction. 

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