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Mark Boyle's Bat Play-By-Play Was Legendary

Patrick Pleul | Getty Images

"Ding Dong the witch is dead"? Nope.

Last night's call by Mark Boyle while a bat had infiltrated Bankers Life Fieldhouse to disrupt the Pacers win over the Clippers may have been his best work yet. 

"Who's going to get the bat? My money's on Country. He's tenacious. Country reaches out with his left hand and nearly snags it! Now Boomer's involved in the chase. The bat has gone behind the basket on the Clippers end. It's circling in the lane, and now it's back over on the near sideline taunting and demeaning those trying to catch it!"

"Impressive endurance. The bat seems to be indefatigable as it flys around soaring and dipping, diving and tormenting."

Can't think of a better play-by-play broadcaster in the world to be tasked with describing an event like this than Mark Boyle. 

Here's a free tip for an offseason video series, Pacers - Mark Boyle providing play-by-play for everyday occurences. 

Someone making coffee, people on a first date, a person getting a parking ticket. It would be gold. 

Now I'm kind of hoping for more bats, birds, or anything else to take away from the game will happen just to hear more of Mark's unique broadcasting ability. 

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