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The Pacers Release "Earned" Jerseys, And They're Pretty Nice

They were one of 16 teams to get the "earned" jerseys this year. What'd they look like?

Andy Lyons | Getty Images

We got a look at the newest (we know, another one) uniform for the Pacers on Wednesday, and they're really, really clean. 

Sure, they're just the white version of this year's "city" jerseys, but it's a simple, clean look, and this one pops more than the greys they've already worn a few times this season. 

The "earned" jersey was given to each team that made the playoffs last season, and it's something that will continue to happen throughout the league each year. So yes, there will be even more Pacers uniforms to buy, debate, love, and hate (rhyming for the holiday season) for years to come. 

Here's what the rest of the earned edition jerseys look like: 

Honestly these all look really cool, innovative, and fresh. A little disappointing, though, that they won't be going with the special one day Christmas themed jerseys for Christmas day anymore. 

Nothing like sitting with your pile of presents, drinking some hot cocoa, and watching the Knicks lose by 20 in their jerseys with candy cane font on them.  

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